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ProlapLase® Medical Laser Treatment

What Is The Vaginal Prolapse?

Vaginal prolapse term refers to a common condition where pelvic organs such as bladder, uterus or bowels protrudes into the vagina. 

How To Know If  You May Be Suffering From This Condition?

You may have a heavy, falling sensation in vagina, difficulty emptying your bladder or bowels. Bulging in either front or the back of the vaginal wall may be present. Dull backache and decrease in sensation during sex maybe present. 

What Causes Vaginal Prolapse?

Vaginal prolapse occurs as result of weakness of the supporting tissues of the pelvic floor (muscles, ligaments and collagen). The causes of this problem are related to obesity, heavy lifting, constipation and abdominal straining, pregnancy and child birth.

Much like in vaginal relaxation syndrome overstretching of vaginal wall, damage to the pelvic floor muscles, genetic factors affecting collagen weakness and postmenopausal changes are all risk factors for vaginal prolapse.

Vaginal and pelvic organ prolapse affects up to 30 % of all women and up to 50% of women who have had children.

What Are The Traditional Treatment Options?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy (including Kegels pelvic floor exercises), vaginal pessaries and surgical repair of pelvic floor structures.

What Is ProlapLase® Laser Treatment?

ProlapLase® is the newest development in vaginal prolapse treatment. The effectiveness of this medical laser treatment, even in advanced pelvic organ prolapse, is supported by European research by Slovenian Gynecologists, Dr Sabina Sencar and Dr Urska Bizjak-Orginc. They pioneered use of Fotona ErYag  medical laser technology in treatments of stress incontinence, vaginal atrophy and vaginal relaxation syndrome.

Using “smooth mode” of ErYag laser to stimulate collagen regeneration and new collagen production it is now possible to significantly improve the strength of vaginal wall and supporting structure and reduce vaginal prolapse without surgery.

The ProlapLase® medical laser treatment is comfortable, safe, well tolerated alternative with minimal side effects. It can be used in the cases of advanced vaginal prolapse where surgery is unavoidable as it has been shown that improving the health of vaginal tissues prior to surgery can improve outcomes and healing time.

Depending on the severity of prolapse up to 5 treatments may be needed.

The Process?

During your initial consultation Dr Mirjana Janjic will take your medical history, perform an assessment to evaluate if this treatment is likely to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

Your ProlapLase® medical laser procedure will be performed on the following visits. It will take approximately 60 minutes per session

You can leave immediately after the procedure and continue your daily routine. There may be some minimal sensitivity after the treatment and a transparent discharge for 2 to 3 days afterwards. Excessive exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for 3 weeks. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for 2 weeks after the procedure.


What Is Vaginal Prolapse?

Vaginal prolapse is a common condition that affect women. It occurs when the supporting tissues of the pelvic floor becomes weakened. This can be due to pregnancy, lifting heavy weights or obesity.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Vaginal Prolapse?

Some symptoms of vaginal prolapse includes:

·       Pain in the lower back region – especially when laying down

·       Difficulty with bowel movements

·       A strong sensation of heavy pulling coming from the pelvis

What Treatment Do You Offer For Vaginal Prolapse?

Here at Dr MJ’s practice, Dr Mirjana Janjic, offers ProlapsLase Medical laser as an effective treatment option for vaginal prolapse. It is not only safe, but it is well tolerated and has little side effects. Since it is a non-invasive treatment, you will be able to return to your daily activities straight after the treatment is completed.

If you would like to know more information about Vaginal Prolapse Treatment, or to request an appointment, please contact us today.

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